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2019 Newsletters

A Season of Shifting and Growing - 11/14/19

It has been quite a while since our last news. For those who have followed us over the years, you would know that this is not something we normally do. Normally, we are right on time each and every month, sharing a glimpse of what God has been doing through our ministry. However, the last few months have been very different for us as God has been using various trials and situations to prepare us for our next phase of ministry while molding us more into His image.
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Growing & Glowing - 7/31/19

Last week Juli had the honor of leading / coordinating a 3 day outreach to a nearby community in Montgomery, TX called Lake Conroe Village. This has been a community that our church, Transformation Church, has been working in for the last several years. Along with her was a team of about 8 or 9 members of Transformation Church. Our goal with this outreach was to not just have "another VBS", but instead create an environment where the children could have an encounter with Jesus and enter for possibly the first time into a relationship with Him. “Grow and Glow” was the overall theme of the week which was based on John 15:4. Click here to continue reading

Sharing the Father's Love - 6/20/19

Last week I had the incredible honor of taking William to a small town in Guatemala for his first missions trip. Though for many years he had always gone along with us on our many outreaches we did with a variety of teams over the years, he had always gone as one of our kids as opposed to an active member of a team. We went to a town called San Miguel Chicaj and Baja Verapaz, Guatemala and got to serve for 8 days with the local YWAM base. Our focus throughout the week was to "Share the Father's Love" with the little ones of the town. Click here to continue reading

Summer Ministry Has Begun - 5/23/19

Many might not know of this incredible outreach by YWAM Houston & Joe Williams Ministries, but the Montrose Street Reach is a weekly program that holds a very dear place in our hearts. For David, this is where a desire for missions birthed in his heart. It also became a model of what David wanted to see happen on the streets of Guatemala City. It is a practical outreach designed to reach those whom the church has deemed “too far gone” or “too intimidating” to minister to. Their desire is to “Equip the homeless to live productive lives through the power of Jesus Christ.” Click here to continue reading

Juli doing what she does so well. Servin
Discipling the Nations - 4/25/19

The month of April began with David traveling to Guatemala City and teaching in the combined DTS (Guatemala City & Antigua) on Spiritual Warfare. The 2 schools have a combined 5 students representing the United States, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They were a small group, but one that was also very hungry to learn more about how Spiritual Warfare affects their life each and every day. It was a great honor to be able to go and be used by God to pour into their lives. One of the common themes that kept coming up throughout the week was "Jesus is the Standard". Click here to keep reading

enjoyed a great family day on the Bay. A
Filled with His Joy and Peace - 3/23/19

Howdy! It has been a few months since our last news report. As most of you know, we have been living in Texas for the last 4 months  in response to our little medical crisis was had last year with Melanoma. We apologize for not having communicated much later, but I promise, this newsletter should bring you all great joy!

Cancer Free!
In our last news report in January, we mentioned that the doctors had just removed 6 lymph nodes from David’s leg Click here to continue reading

His Love is Extravagant - 1/21/19

Greetings and Happy New Year!  It has been quite a while since our last communication, but that does not mean that God has not been on the move in our family. As many of you know, we officially arrived in Houston in late November so that we could pursue preventative treatment for the melanoma that was removed from David’s leg last September. This move has brought a lot of change to our family and our ministry, but yet looking at these last few months we can only give praise to the Father for His faithfulness and love!  He has been so good to us and has already done things that we never saw coming. Click here to keep reading

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