Prayer Requests

The Power of Prayer!

We believe that prayer is the most powerful & practical ways that the body of Christ can join us in our ministry and help bring HOPE to those who are suffering. We also believe that when the body of Christ begins to utilize her God given authority in prayer, that angels are released to fight the spiritual battle at hand and that FREEDOM for the captives becomes a reality!

  1. Continue to pray for Juli's immigration process. Due to the COVID-19, our interview was canceled and is in the process of being re-scheduled. 

  2. Pray for David has he gets ready to start a new job that will allow us to better fund our ministry.

  3. Pray for the local church to use this time of "shut down" to let go of "old habits" and to seek His face and discover the "new normal" that He is calling each body of Christ to take part in.

  4. Pray for us as we pray about a project that we are considering launching in a nearby community that has been deeply impacted by poverty.

  5. Pray for the video series that we have been making for both children and adults. Pray for them to reach the right people and that they will have a deep, Kingdom impact on the hearts of those who view the videos.

  6. Pray for William, Nathaniel, and Ariela! Pray for their protection, for their health, and for them to continue to grow and know Jesus intimately, not just as their Savior, but as their friend who will never leave them!

  7. Pray for His presence to always dwell in our home, in our relationships with one another, and in our ministry

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